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Slot Drains are an excellent alternative for “grated” trench drains, which are notorious for high-load (forklift) safety issues. Grates must be removed to clean, and the trenches easily trap contamination in recesses and squared corners.

With a Slot Drain, there are no grates and can withstand the heaviest load (10,000 psi) forklift traffic. Our longest run with a single sump/outlet so far is 90 Feet. It’s possible to ship a 50 foot length, but it’s costly. If you’re building large, a dedicated truck run is possible for multiple long runs.

Our Slot Drains are field welded together rather than bolted together. By welding the runs, a continuous, monolithic, surface is created which is both sanitary and environmentally safe.

When runs are bolted together, there is a need for a “gasket type” material, which over time will degrade due to the harsh cleaning chemicals and high temperatures. Once the gasket material allows leakage, the ground beneath the drain becomes contaminated. To “re-seal” the joint is next to impossible and “God Forbid” you don’t want to dig the trench out down the road, the only way to fix a leaking joint !!

Slot Drains can be custom fabricated to accommodate specific depth or flow requirements. Our trench drain designer will supply technical, engineered drawings for client review and approval prior to fabrication. These drawings can also assist with new construction and building permits.
Wine Cave

Call Us, Toll Free: 888.244.3417

Stainless Steel Sump on Narrow Slot Drain
Narrow Slot Trench Drain System

For smaller areas (rooms) where a single area stainless floor drain is required, our Heavy Duty Stainless drain is the answer. Click here for more information.

Wineries that have our Stainless Drains:

Robert Mondavi Institute (UC Davis)
Sea Smoke Cellars
Pina Vineyards
Hillard Bruce Winery
Presqu’ile Winery
Terravant Vineyards
Windmill Ridge Winery
Mannina Cellars
King Family Winery
Joel Gott Wines
Booker Vineyard
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