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Open Trough Drains and Slot Drain System

Slot Drains for Brewery
Stainless Area Drains:
Area drains require the floor to be sloped in 4 directions towards the drain body. This can cause unnecessary stress on workers, forklifts, pallet acts, etc. as the floor has many directional slopes. If the floor is not perfectly sloped, then in order to get the water to drain one has to use a squeegee to push the water towards the drain.

Stainless Slot Drains (aka Narrow Slot Trench):
Slot Drains provide an economical drainage system with a built in slope in the body of the drain to allow gravity flow to move debris towards a cleanup sump with basket. It is relatively easy for the floor to be sloped by the installer in one direction towards the channel opening. It is also much easier to squeeze water in one direction.

Custom Layout Designs:
As brew houses are created in many configurations, our design team can custom build stainless trench drains with turns, multiple legs, directional flow and have one or more drain outlets with cleanout sumps and baskets.
Stainless Trough Drain
Open Trough Trench (aka Channel Drain):
Breweries are normally very crowded with equipment and tank vessels which create hard to clean areas. This is where stainless trough drains play an important role in sanitation. The rooms can be cleaned with high pressure hoses and the water will easily flow into the trench and if these is any debris, it will be collected in the sump area that can be emptied because there is a stainless basket.
Custom Floor Drains

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